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Prof. Dr. Ingo Eilks

Adress: Institut für Didaktik der Naturwissenschaften, Abt. Chemiedidaktik
Leobener Str.
Universität Bremen
Postfach 330 440
D-28334 Bremen, Deutschland
Room: A1120
E - Mail:
Phone: 0421 218-0421 218-63280
Postbox: 81


1989-1994 Studies in chemistry, mathematics, pedagogics and philosophy at the University of Oldenburg
1994-1997 Scientific co-worker and PhD studies at the University of Oldenburg (Group B. Ralle), PhD 1997
1997-1999 In-service teacher training (Referendariat)
1999-2003 Researcher and lecturer at the University of Dortmund (Group B. Ralle), Habilitation 2003
2004-2005 Full Professor (W2) for chemistry education at the Department of Biology and Chemistry of the University of Bremen
since 2005 Full Professor (W3/Chair) for chemistry education at the Department of Biology and Chemistry of the University of Bremen
2003 Johann-Friedrich-Gmelin-Award (young researchers award in chemical education) of the Division of Chemical Education within the German Chemical Society (GDCh)
2005 Award for special engagement on the annual regional meetings of the German Science Teachers' Association (MNU) within the country of Bremen
2006 Berninghausen-Award (Award for excellence in teaching and its innovation at the University of Bremen), jointly with Marcus Baeumer
2006 Poster award on the annual conference of the Society for Didactics in Chemistry and Physics (GDCP) in Bern (Switzerland), jointly with Silvija Markic and Nicos Valanides
2007 Comenius Edu Media Award for the Textbook Chemie interaktiv; by Cornelsen Publishers Berlin (Eds. Ingo Eilks and Rüdiger Blume)
2008 Award for "Sustainable Chemistry A profile for upper secondary education in the country of Bremen" as official project of the UN-world Decade of Education for Sustainable Development (DESD)
2009 Award for "The climate change before the court" as official project of the UN-world Decade of Education for Sustainable Development (DESD)
2010 Fellow or the Royal Society of Chemistry (RSC)
2013 Award for "Sustainabilty and chemistry in the non-formal student laboratory" as official project of the UN-world Decade of Education for Sustainable Development (DESD)
2014 STEM of Tomorrow School Award, jointly with D. Ostersehlt, M. Krause and the Lise-Meitner-School Stuhr-Moordeich
2015 Senior-Fellow at the Kolleg Didaktik:Digital of the Joachim Herz Foundation 2016/17
2016 Certificate of Honor at the Polytechnik-Award
2017 Award for Outstanding Contributions to the Incorporation of Sustainability into Chemical Education der American Chemical Society - Committee for Environmental Improvement
2017 Senior-Fellow at the Kolleg Didaktik:Digital of the Joachim Herz Foundation 2018/19
2019 Senior-Fellow at the Kolleg Didaktik:Digital of the Joachim Herz Foundation 2020/21
2021 STEM ambassador of the year of the fedral German initiative Builiding the STEM Future
Further details
1995-1997Part time lecturer for chemistry and didactics of chemistry at the University of Vechta
1999-2002Member of the evaluation commission of the Education-Industry-Partnership initiative of ICASE und CEFIC
since 2002 Co-editor and author for chemistry school textbooks with Cornelsen Publishers Berlin, e.g. Chemie Interaktiv, Fokus Chemie and Natur und Technik
2002-2007 Head of the working group "Computers in chemistry teaching" of the Chemical Education Division of the German Chemical Society (GDCh)
2002-2003 Part time teacher at the Helene-Lange-Gymnasium (grammar school) in Dortmund>
2003-2006Head of the working group "Links with schools" of the European Chemistry Thematic Network (ECTN 3, EU-Project), member of the ECTN management committee
2004-2008 Member of the board of the German Society for Didactics of Chemistry and Physics (GDPC)
2005 Call for a Chair of Education (W3) in the field of science education to the University of Hamburg (call rejected)
2006-2009Head of the working group "Innovative Methods in University Chemistry Education" of the European Chemistry Thematic Network (ECTN 4, EU-Thematic Network Programme), joint chair with Bill Byers (Ulster University, UK), member of the ECTN management committee
2006-2017 Member of the editorial board of "Chemistry Education Research and Practice", chair of the board 2015-2017, from 2018 member of the advisory board
since 2006Member of the editorial board of Eurasia Journal of Mathematics, Science and Technology Education"
2008-2018 Member of the editorial board of "International Journal of Environmental and Science Education"
2007-2013Member of the editorial board of " Zeitschrift für Didaktik der Naturwissenschaften"
2009Member of the scientific committee of the ESERA conference 2009 Istanbul (Turkey)
2010 Member of the scientific committees of the ECRICE conference 2010 Krackow (Poland) and ICASE world conference on science education 2010 Tartu (Estonia)
since 2010Member of the editorial board of "Contemporary Issues in Education"
2010-2012 Co-coordinator of the project SALIS-Student Active Learning in Science (TEMPUS IV)
since 2013 Vice-president of the International Society for Educational Research (iSER)
2013Editor of "Teaching Chemistry - A Studybook" with Avi Hofstein; Sense Publishers Rotterdam
2015Editor of "Relevant Chemistry Education - From Theory to Practice" with Avi Hofstein; Sense Publishers Rotterdam
since 2015Member of the editorial board of " Science & Education"
since 2015 Member of the advisory board of " Advances in Chemistry Education"
since 2015Member of the advisory committee of "Journal of Science Education"
since 2015Joint co-editor of "International Journal of Physics and Chemistry Education"
since 2016Member of the Editorial Board of the "Journal of the Turkish Chemical Society - Section C Chemical Education"
since 2016Section-editor of " Sustainability "
2016-2019Coordinator or the ERASMUS+-Project "ARTIST - Action Research to Innovate Science Teaching"
since 2017Editorial board of "Current Opinion in Green and Sustainable Chemistry "
since 2017Member of the editorial advisory board of "Journal of Chemical Education"
since 2018Joint co-editor of "Action Research and Innovation in Science Education "
Plenary lectures and keynote speeches2010 ECRICE Conference Krakow (Poland)
2010 GDCP Conference Potsdam (Germany)
2011 Collaborative Action Research Network Conference Vienna (Austria)
2011 Variety in Chemistry Education Conference York (UK)
2013 Tag der Fachdidaktik Innsbruck (Austria)
2013 Gordon Research Conference on Chemistry Education Newport (USA)
2014 Humboldt Kolleg on Education and Development Agartala (India)
2014 Conference on New Horizons in Teaching Science Haifa (Israel)
2014 ECRICE Conference Jyväskylä (Finland)
2014 iSER World Conference Cappadocia (Turkey)
2015 IUPAC World Chemistry Congress Busan (Korea)
2015 4th National Chemistry Education Congress Ayvalik (Turkey)
2015 Conference on Chemistry Education for Sustainable Development Haifa (Israel)
2016 Annual Conference of Lernort Labor Saarbrücken (Germany)
2016 ECRICE Conference Barcelona (Spain)
2016 SUSTAIN Final Conference Berlin (Germany)
2016 Humboldt Kolleg Brazil Sao Carlos (Brazil)
2016 Visible Didactics Innsbruck (Austria)
2017 Sustainability learning in Hassia Fulda (Germany)
2017 Graduate School FUNKEN Final Symposium Soest (Germany)
2018 ECRICE Conference Warzawa (Poland)
2018 Nordic Chemistry Learning Jyväskylä (Finland)
2018 Reforms in Science Teaching and Learning towards the 21st Century Haifa (Israel)
2019 Symposium Series on Excellence in Teaching Mathematics and Science: Research and Practice, Chicago (USA)
2019 47th IUPAC World Chemistry Congress , Paris (France)
Reviewer e.g. ChemKon, Z.Did.Naturwiss., Chem.Educ.Res.Pract., J.Chem.Educ., Int.J.Sci.Educ., Eurasia J.Math.Sci.Techn.Educ, Int.J.Sci.Math.Educ., Int.J.Environm.Sci.Educ., Eur.J.Teach.Educ., Sci.& Educ., Sci. Educ., Sustainability
Joint publications with e.g. colleagues from Cyprus, the Netherlands, Israel, Ireland, Turkey, Belgium, Austria, Denmark, Georgia, Indonesia, Japan, Jordan, Sweden, Taiwan, UK, USA, Brazil, Palestine, Finland
Member of Verein zur Förderung des Mathematischen und Naturwissenschaftlichen Unterrichts (MNU) (German Science Teachers Association)
Gesellschaft Deutscher Chemiker - Group Chemistry Teaching (GDCh-FGCU) (German Chemical Society)
Gesellschaft für Didaktik der Chemie und Physik (GDCP) (Society for Didactics of Chemistry and Physics)
European Science Education Research Association (ESERA)
Royal Society of Chemistry(RSC)
Verband der Chemielehrer Österreichs (VCÖ) (Austrian Chemistry Teachers Association)
CARN D.A.Ch. - Collaborative Action Research Network Germany, Austria, Switzerland
LeNa - Education for Sustainable Development in Teacher Education Network

April 2017



Lehrplanentwicklung/Aufgaben (Project management)
Partizipative Aktionsforschung (Project management)
Unterrichtsmethoden/Kooperatives Lernen (Project management)
Experimente für den Chemieunterricht (Project management)
Gesellschaftskritisch-problemorientierter Chemieunterricht (Project management)
SommerSymposia (Project management)
Computer im Chemieunterricht (Project management)
Lehrervorstellungen/PCK (Project management)


Ges.-krit. Chemieunterricht Duschgels (Project management)
Gruppendiskussionen zur Evaluation des ges.-krit. Chemieunterricht (Project management)
Unterrichtseinheit Wasser mit Bezug zur Mathematik (Project management)
Komplexe Lernaufgaben im Chemieunterricht (Project management)
Ges.-krit. Chemieunterricht Bioethanol (Project management)
Lernfirma Chemische Reaktion (Project management)
Lernfirma Farbstoffe (Project management)
Experimente rund ums Aquarium (Project management)
Experimente rund um den Turnschuh (Project management)
Bestandaufnahme Bildung zum Klimawandel (Project management)
Unterrichtsmaterial Kupfer II (Project management)
Unterrichtsmaterial Kupfer I (Project management)
Mathematische Modellierungsaufgaben in Chemie (Project management)
Komplexe Lernaufgaben im Chemieanfangsunterricht (Project management)
Materialien zur Journalistenmethode (Project management)
Lehrervorstellungen zum Teilchenkonzept (Project management)
Gewinnung von Chitosan im Chemieunterricht (Project management)
Produkte aus Chitosan im Chemieunterricht (Project management)
Ges.-krit. Chemieunterricht Doping (Project management)
Fallstudie Stofftrennverfahren (Project management)
Blumendünger im Chemieunterricht (Project management)
Alkoholtestgeräte im Chemieunterricht (Project management)
Lernangebot Nachhaltiga Chemie (Project management)
WebQuest Green Chemistry (Project management)
Unterricht Klimawandel (Project management)
Bewertung Klimawandel (Project management)
Unterrichtsevaluation Klimawandel (Project management)
Chemieunterricht Süßungsmittel (Project management)
Tour de Chimie (Project management)
Rollenspiele Klimawandel (Project management)
Lehrervorstellungen Nachhaltigkeit (Project management)
Warentestmethode (Project management)
Kleinmethoden Bewertungskompetenz (Project management)
Tätowierungen (Project management)
Schülerlabormodul Atmosphärenchemie (Project management)
Valididerung Relevanzbegriff (Project management)
PROFILES Atmung (Project management)
PROFILES Luftqualität (Project management)
Rallye zu Betrieben der Chemie (Project management)
Aufgaben mit Werbung (Project management)
Schülerlaborangebot Biokunststoffe (Project management)
Schülerlaborangebot Metalle schützen (Project management)
Modelldenken Klimawandel (Project management)
Internetforen (Project management)
TEMI Bubbles (Project management)
Chemischer Garten (Project management)
Fracking (Project management)
Wertstoffprofis Box Metalle (Project management)
Wertstoffprofis Box Kunststoffe (Project management)
Schülerlaborangebot Energiespeicher (Project management)
Interaktionsbox Alkohole (Project management)
Interaktionsbox Salze (Project management)
Interaktionsbox Wasser (Project management)
Wissen über Green Chemistry (Project management)
Lernweg Alkane (Project management)
Phosphorrückgewinnung Budenheim (Project management)


Neue Wege zum Teilchenkonzept (Project management)
Links with schools (Project management)
Chemie Interaktiv (Project management)
Innovative Methods (Project management)
Klimawandel vor Gericht (Project management)
Klimawandel vor Gericht (Project management)
Lehrerexpertise Nachhaltige Chemie (Project management)
Oberstufenprofil Nachhaltige Chemie
SALiS (Project management)
Sommerschule (Project management)
PROFILES-Bremen (Project management)
Studybook (Project management)
Nachhaltigkeit und Chemie im Schülerlabor (Project management)
Chemie Interaktiv differenzierend (Project management)
TEMI-Bremen (Project management)
Relevant Chemistry Education (Project management)
Schülerlabor Nachhaltigkeit II (Project management)
Phosphorrückgewinnung (Project management)
ARTIST (Project management)

Dissertation projects

Promotion Safwatun Nida: SSI in Indonesia
Promotion Robby Zidny: IK Science Education

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