Within PROFILES every partner is asked to submit specific reports and materials. These materials are to be submited in English language. This paper gives an overview about the PROFILES-Bremen contribution to the international deliverables.


PROFILES-Bremen Delphi Study

Round 1 report

Round 2 report

Round 3 report


Translated PROFILES-modules

Module Max Sour Ltd

Module Screening in medicine


Reports on student gains 

General report

Report on case 1

Report on case 2


Contributions to the 1st International PROFILES Conference Berlin, September 2012

Energy around the house (Description in the conference book / Poster)

   By Moritz Krause, Ingo Eilks, Rolf Berger, Christoph Blaszk, Katharina Janke & Rene Kastenbein

The treasure in my drawer (Description in the conference book / Poster)

   By Darius Schindler, Silvija Markic, Carola Hauk, Evelyn Jäschke-Behrendt & Marina Wilkes

Clothes - the second skin (Description in the conference book / Poster)

   By Marc Stuckey, Nadja Belova, Juliane Hüneburg, Dörte Ostersehlt, Christian Duske, Madlen Sichtling, Bernd Neuendorf, Martina Dahm, Nuran Ozan & Antje Kelm

Workshop on Action Reserach in Science education (Description in the conference book)

   By Ingo Eilks, Rachel Mamlok-Naaman & Franz Rauch

More Posters of the 1st International PROFILES Conference are available at the following link:

Contributions to the 2nd International PROFILES Book

What Should I Do with my Old Cell Phone? (Description in the conference book)

   By Darius Schindler, Silvija Markic, Carola Hauk, Evelyn Jäschke-Behrendt, Marina Wilkes, Marc Stuckey & Ingo Eilks 

Using PREZI-Technology to promote inquiry-based learning on ‘bionics’ (Description in the conference book)

   By Moritz Krause, Dörte Ostersehlt, Torsten Mehrwald, Hans-Jürgen Runden, Steffi Mroske & Ingo Eilks 

Contributions to the 3rd International PROFILES Book - Conference Berlin, August 2014

Learning With and About Advertising in Science Education (Description in the conference book)

   By Nadja Belova & Ingo Eiks

Bio or Non-bio? – What Should I Choose? (Description in the conference book)

   By Silvija Markic, Felix Henning, Sibylle Wohlfeil, Ingrid Wolters 

Science Teaching that Goes Under Your Skin: A PROFILES Module on Tattooing (Description in the conference book / Poster)

   By Marc Stuckey, Martin Haverkamp, Stephan Kienast, Ute Knoop, Bettina Most, Herbert Schultheis, Ulrike Willeke, Torsten Witteck, Petra Wlotzka & Ingo Eilks 

Using PREZI-Technology to Promote Inquiry Learning on Bionics: Two Further Modules (Description in the conference book / Poster)

   By Moritz Krause, Dörte Ostersehlt, Judith Meile, Lea Griemsmann, Torsten Mehrwald, Hans-Jürgen Runden, Uwe Heering & Steffi Mroske & Ingo Eilks

TEMI – Teaching Enquiry with Mysteries Incorporated (Description in the conference book / Poster)

   By Johanna Dittmar, Dörte Osersehlt, Dvora Katchevich, Malka Yayon, David Fortus, Ran Peleg, Avi Hofstein, Rachel Mamlok-Naaman Ingo Eilks